Our interactive awareness-trainings purposefully sensitise for practical work

CSX awareness-trainings
Data protection & cyber security in a nutshell

The CSX awareness-trainings are the heart of our awareness-solutions and much more than just a passive instruction. The trainings focus on the sensitisation of your employees in their daily work with data and technology.

Our fictional characters Paul and Paula will show you how they handle typical situations and challenges in their daily work routine. In order to make sure that you get your fair share of fun, interactive search games, quiz games as well as comics motivate you to actively participate in the training and enhance knowledge transfer.

Further information about our product lines can be found in the detailed product descriptions.

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Our awareness-trainings are available in the two versions data protection compliance and cyber security. You can choose between basic or industry trainings, according to your individual needs. Data protection compliance und Cyber security erhältlich – wählen Sie zwischen Basis- oder Branchentrainings, ganz nach Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen.

Data protection compliance
Cyber security
Simple course and a modern design
Your personal training platform

The easiest way to reach our awareness-training is via the learning management system (LMS) which is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service-solution (SaaS) by default. Learning-Management-System (LMS), das wir standardmäßig als Software-as-a-Service-Lösung (SaaS) mit all unseren Trainings ausliefern.

All participants will get access to a user account in the LMS as well as to the booked trainings. Each awareness-training consists of several modules, which can be worked on individually and independently.

Our LMS registers whether the training is completed and regularly sends participation reminders to each participant by e-mail. Teilnahmeerinnerungen per E-Mail an die TeilnehmerInnen.

Everything important at a glance

The serviceuser in our LMS has an extended range of functions and provides more transparency. As serviceuser you manage course participants, create new user accounts or delete old ones erweiterten Funktionsumfang und sorgt für mehr Transparenz. Als Serviceuser verwalten Sie die TrainingsteilnehmerInnen, können neue Benutzer anlegen oder Benutzerkonten löschen.

In addition, the download area gives you access to your employees' participation certificates, among other things. Downloadbereich unter anderem Zugriff auf die Teilnahmezertifikate ihrer MitarbeiterInnen.

Certificates of participation & evidence

After the successful participation we issue a certificate of participation. The participation certificates will regularly be available for download in the LMS. Download bereitgestellt.

In case of our data protection compliance product line, the certificate of participation is regarded as proof of the sensitisation of your employees in accordance with Art. 5 EU GDPR. Nachweis über die Sensibilisierung Ihrer MitarbeiterInnen gemäß Art. 5 EU DS-GVO.

In addition, our awareness training courses also offer the opportunity to include the obligation of confidentiality in the training. Verpflichtung zur Vertraulichkeit im Rahmen des Trainings mit abzuwickeln.

Customer's opinion about CSX awareness-trainings

Good reasons for our CSX awareness-trainings
  • Micro learning: modular structured trainings
  • Interactive learning environment with games and quizzes
  • Vivid and motivating storytelling
  • Practically relevant everyday examples
  • Essential basic knowledge in a nutshell
  • Multilingual trainings available
  • Web based trainings with access to LMS
  • Serviceuser with monitoring features
  • Invitation and regular reminders via e-mail
  • Certificates of participation for every training

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